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Easy to install, Smart and simple solution

A smart moisture protection

Don't let the rainwater gather around the foundation of your house. It's a big problem and an invisible problem many house owners don't reflect on.

Let the Mr. Flowout drainpipe move you rainwater away from the house foundation. It also resolves a practical aspect as i can fold against the downpipe and click on a metal pipe with a build in magnet.

A smart, practical and esthetic solution that both helps your house and you as a house owner. You know your house, help it the best way possible! 
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An automatic moisture protection

When you dig the drainpipes in the ground, like a french drain, you need to separate any leaf or bigger debris that can clog the pipes.  

Depending on how many trees you have close to the house a pipe can quite quickly be clogged and stop the waterflow. There are leaf separators for the rain gutter, but then you need to get the ladder and clean from the roof.

An automatic leaf separator will make the work so much easier and it's a equipped with a spout if you want to collect the rainwater.
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An invisible moisture protection

Depending on your situation you might not want the rainwater flow above ground. A good invisible alternativ is to build a french drain. 

And if a french drain is the solution you will love this product. It will save you time, work and reduce part of the process.

It's the modern french drain with less rocks and materials. An invisible moisture protection that will help your house. One chest can handle 150 liter and it's possible to connect multiple for great volumes.
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